Legalbitstream is a tax law research website that provides searchable databases of United States federal inome tax and estate tax law. Databases include complete and timely updated Internal Revenue Service documents and caselaw opinions from all federal courts that issue federal tax law guidance. Caselaw and IRS documents (i) contain formatting substantially similar to the original source materials, (ii) include all tables, images, appendices, and exhibits, and (iii) include formatting which permits all text, tables and graphics to print without cropping at the right page margin, which make Legalbitstream stand out among other services. 

Our search engine does an excellent job at providing users with precise searches that retrieve all relevant documents for users without having to sift through irrelevant documents, and the design of the website is configured to provide the quickest and most convenient research.  

Federal tax caselaw is selected to be included in the databases if it interprets other tax cases, the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, or IRS forms. IRS databases include the most important types of IRS documents that have been traditionally provided by electronic tax law research services for tax law research purposes.  

As of July 2007, federal tax caselaw is included for years 1990 to the present and the extent of IRS documents important to research is comparable to that traditionally provided by other services. Tax caselaw for all courts issuing federal tax law since the beginning of the Internal Revenue Code is expected to be added within the next year, which should make the Legalbitstream databases substantially complete for purposes of quality tax law research.  

Legalbitstream can currently be used at no cost and without registration, however upon further completion of the databases and improvement to the software in the future, the website may become a fee-based service. The original plan has been to provide an advertising supported website with federal tax law. If this proves to be a viable economic model, Legalbitstream might be expanded to include databases of other law, and become the first fully comprehensive free legal research facility. However if this is not possible, be prepared for the possibility that Legalbitstream may become a fee-based subscription service. Whether or not the site remains free, it will continue to be maintained and potentially innovative improvements in electronic legal research are being planned.  

Legalbitstream has been live on the internet since 2003, and is owned and operated by Mayfield Publishing Company, a privately held corporation based in Houston, Texas ("MPC"). MPC was founded and is operated by Jack H. ("Trey") Mayfield III, J.D., C.P.A. Mr. Mayfield was a corporate/securities lawyer with a large law firm in Houston, Texas, and has spent substantial time doing electronic research on large commercial services. The design, function, and look of the Legalbitstream website is a result of the desire of Mr. Mayfield to provide an improved and more efficient facility for legal research for less expense than the traditional commercial electronic research services. MPC maintains a small office and has relied mainly on subcontracters as opposed to employees to provide necessary services.

Technology services, web site development and site maintenance are provided by Virtual ArchiTechs, Inc. which is also based in the Houston area and can be reached at: (281) 992-2542 or by

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